About Us

Empora Group is headquartered in the coastal town of Wismar, Germany. The world renowned science park plays host to some of the most innovative and disruptive technologies emerging from Germany. Empora Group has grown quickly through a number of targeted web & software company acquisitions, bringing together some of the greatest technical minds in the fashion industry.

The truly international workforce has come together from America, Armenia, China, Bosnia, Germany, India, Spain, UK amongst many other countries. Acquiree teams have been deeply integrated into the Empora Group structure & culture, so that all developers and researchers are working closely together towards fulfilling the group’s vision. Each team is passionately exploring many new technologies and techniques in its relentless focus on improving the way people shop for and discover clothing online.

With many modern day retailers offering online purchase and international delivery, there are a multitude of items for consumers to choose from. This overwhelming choice leads to frustration at not being able to find the right item and often a dissatisfying compromise.

Over a number of years, a plethora of enabling technologies have been constructed to facilitate retailers of all sizes to work with Empora Group in driving relevant consumers to their products. Empora group acts as a sales affiliate in this process and as such, collects a commission on any sales that result from the user referral. Partnerships also exist with publishers (blogs, social media sites, etc) though Evergreen, to allow these organisations to monetise their content through appropriate affiliate sales links.

Basic Affiliate Model

Fashion is a complex field, with many aspects to finding clothing appropriate to a particular consumer. The evolving nature of fashion is steered by a group influencing users, who tend to be vocal about their tastes and passionate about fashion. Empora Group is exploring ways of leveraging data from communities of these influencer groups, in order construct a more detailed map of the fashion space (also known as the “Product Graph”).

Deep data mining algorithms, complemented by bleeding-edge product analytics & social engagement techniques are used to capture the hidden meaning within online interactions and media.

Empora Group was founded by Alex Straub, a German born entrepreneur and European venture capitalist at London-based Straub Ventures and Cambridge-based Cambridge Accelerator Partner. He was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, and holds two engineering degrees, one from Darmstadt and one from Cornell. Alex has also conducted research in material science at Stanford University.

In 1999, Alex cofounded Mondus, an online B2B marketplace for SMEs, which was inspired by eBay's business model and Alex's prior experience at Degussa. Subsequently, Mondus was sold to the Italian corporation Seat Pagine Gialle in one of the largest ever European internet transactions.

Alex is also the cofounder of TruPhone and involved with numerous other high profile technology companies in an investor capacity. Truphone has raised over $100m in venture financing to date.