Autoplay Videos and Custom Thumbnails

We have just released some new functionality allowing users to set their videos to automatically play on load.

If you already have your video deployed on your site, make sure you get the updated HTML code that will allow autoplay.

We have also been asked about the resolution of the video thumbnails – that sometimes the thumbnail appears grainy. The thumbnail is usually provided by YouTube, automatically generated from the video. Sometimes they generate a good thumbnail, but other times they don’t. This is completely out of our control. But what is in our control is the ability to overwrite the default thumbnail.

There is now a new field on the form that allows you to enter the URL to a custom thumbnail for that video. You can set this thumbnail to be of a higher resolution. You could even set the thumbnail to be your company’s logo. Now we can finally say goodbye to grainy thumbnails or thumbnails that don’t represent what the video is really about.

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